What the world needs now…and how to become the person you need to be

  • We watched the creator of the Plastic Bank David’s Katz’s TED Talk.
  • We cleaned up at least one piece of plastic from the beach every time we took a walk.
  • We searched for climate documentaries that focused on solutions — surprise, surprise, there are very few.

Calling on support

Stuck at home, I couldn’t jet off to some far-flung destinations to find the people cleaning up beaches, so I reached out for help. You see, moms tend to think we can do it all — I mean we’ve all balanced a baby on our hip while taking a work call, folding laundry and monitoring the stove, right?

So, I just have to become the person who can become the person I want to be?

So maybe I wasn’t yet the mom who could combat my kid’s anxiety, but according to him I could become this person.

Stories of hope

Instead of forcing climate documentaries and virtual protests down my kids’ throats, I just started dropping stories of hope into our dinner conversations. I’d tell them about Kristal Ambrose, who successfully lobbied the Bahamas government to ban single-use plastics when she was a teenager. Or these kids fighting to eradicate plastic waste from their communities. Or the scientists who found algae can eat plastic waste.

This week’s action

Let’s build a toolkit to help our kids run toward hope. Talk to them about the environmental issue that most unnerves them and then start dropping stories of hope into conversation in a casual way and see what happens.



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Michele Bigley

Michele Bigley


Award-winning writer specializing in regenerative travel, environmental solutions and parenting. Michele’s writing a book about mothering in the Anthropocene.